'Course won't connect' FIX

Today at work i tried to connect to a codecademy course. I couldn’t connect, i thought it was about the firewall preferences or anything, and so i almost stop trying getting codecademy to work.

I tried multiple browsers but only one of them worked - FireFox (:

Browsers i tried:
FireFox - works
Chrome - won’t work
Edge - won’t work

Have Fun learning!


Hey @uns1nn, I raised this post to our Customer Support team and because the team needs some more context to get to the bottom of this, would you mind writing in, perhaps with a full-screen screengrab of the error message on Chrome or Edge? You can write us by visiting help.codecademy.com and clicking “Submit a Request” in the upper right hand corner. :slight_smile: I hope the CS team is able to help you out…


Hey again @uns1nn— another team member suggested the following: “[see] if they can connect from outside of work… their work machine may have some sort of firewall policy that is applied to Edge/Chrome but is not applied to Firefox (eg. if they downloaded Firefox themselves but the others were set up for them). Corporate networks can have lots of quirks that will be hard for us to diagnose, but that they were able to connect via FF and no other users have reported issues on Edge/Chrome makes me think it’s a [possible] client or network issue on their end.”

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I will publish some details soon! Glad i can help you getting your System better!

PS: How about multilingual courses?

Love codecademy!

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