Course Redirection issues and a few more questions


tl;dr A course I am attending (HTML & CSS), redirects me every time I finish a part of it to my dashboard where I do not see my course.

Bellow the link will take you to the course I am currently attending.

Instead every time I finish a part of it (i.e. finishing HTML Basics II) my browser redirects me to my dashboard (link bellow) where I can only see a different course I opened once called “Learn HTML”. whilst the course you see on the above link is called “HTML & CSS”.

So the above issue also raises a question, why don’t I see the correct course in my dashboard?

Furthermore on a side note, I would like to ask, why each part of the course I complete goes from 0% to 1% instead to 100%?

Hi @argybisk,

The course you’re doing now, has been retired and not maintained anymore. There will be no guarantee whether any bugs will hinder your progress (bugs report will not help in this situation as the course was sunsetted), but you can finish the track as extra exercises. Since it is not maintained anymore, the progress will not update (it will stay 1%) nor show up on your dashboard. Hope that answers your questions.

You can open in one page, then open in new tab for each exercises if you dont wish to be redirected to your main page everytime you finished the subcategory of exercises. I think you still can earn badges for completing the exercises (not entirely sure of that, need recheck)

For the latest HTML and CSS course, these are the links:

Cheers :slight_smile:

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First of all, thanks a lot for your detailed reply.

I have already bookmarked the page in order to be able to return to it and yes, I have gotten around 12 badges so far from it so I can confirm they are still obtainable from, apparently I did not know something like that existed, retired courses.

I like the fact that I have been on a certain trail of excersizes and learning so far and I would not like to interrupt it and start something else. Unless that is what you would suggest I should do.

Currently on this course ( I am on HTML Basics III - It is two lessons away from Introduction to CSS. Would you suggest I finish these two lessons and find myself another CSS course instead?

I will definitely check it out because I am not sure how the transitional lesson will be. So far all lessons begin with a quick recap of the previous one. It would bum me out if I stumble upon something I’m supposed to know, and don’t, when I enter the first lesson of CSS.


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You’re much welcome @argybisk :slight_smile:

I started a while back when the new courses were not rolled out yet. So yeah, it’s a good course to follow, just a little hiccups dealing with the SCT, bugs with browser compatibility (not always). Other than that, it is all good.

Sure. I think you should keep continuing on that whole track including the old CSS one. Don’t want to loose the continuity and jump half way into new CSS (you might get confused). The reply post was a bit lengthy just so to make clear that the track is not under service anymore, if you have some trouble not passing the exercises (it may or may not be caused by bugs [we don’t know]), but you can search through the older questions in this forum (I think), don’t be discouraged by it. Finish the whole track and jump into the newest ones.

Or you can start with the new learn-HTML now, finish with the new learn-CSS, then only go back to the old

The two new courses (learn-HTML & learn-CSS) are using new environment and the contents are based on the latest syntax and new elements. Not to mention the web graphics in the content are beautiful and looks really great. I think it should appeal to you too. Don’t worry, it’s your choice to finish up the old track, jump into the newest ones to reinforce the knowledge. Find what works best for you, that’s how I feel.

Happy coding! :slight_smile:

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