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Hello! I’ve been wanting to do an intensive course or subscribe to pro but I wanted to get some advice first. Of the techniques and subjects available, are there any skill sets or courses that lend themselves to working with or being compatible with the adobe software products?

Obviously there isn’t a course “scripting for adobe illustrator”, but as I understand it in order to utilize adobe’s developer resources one would need to understand JavaScript an de be able to read the resources and from there use good practices to build something.

What I would like to do is build my own tools to work with illustrator and after effects and script complex actions based on multiple datasets.


looking at the manual:

we have a couple of options:


Seems javascript is indeed a good option. So it seems you already answered your own question?


Thanks stetim94. From the set of intensive courses and of the ones that teach javascript, is there one that lends itself to being more applicable to the same skills that would be required to work within Javascript/Extendscript? As I read it, the courses center around web technologies. Is there a recommendation for classes that fall close within the same kinds of techniques to interface with Adobe’s products?

i have no experience with this, and googling only leads to very old answers:

You will need to research this further.

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