Course projects; Am I the only one?

I’m on the Meal Maker (here) project of the Intro To JS course. I think this is the 5th or 6th project (maybe more, I’ve lost count) of the course.

Does anyone else find these projects to be counter-productive? Given 0-100 difficulty level (100 being the most difficult). Every prior task section seems to go from around level 20-30 then BAM! The projects are up at 95-100.

I have not finished a single one of these projects by myself. And even after forum searches, MDN and video walkthroughs I don’t think I’ve learned anything from any of these projects. In fact, it has made me all the more frustrated and utterly confused because there is no clear understanding of why the code works. And mostly very vague explanations.

I know that it can’t be all laid out etc etc. But there just seems to be a giant, counter-productive gap between task sections and project sections. I spent around 9 hours (over 3 days) on one project and I don’t think I took anything informative from it at all. Just more confusion. It seemed like the biggest waste of time.

So, what am I missing? IQ points?


This is how I see it:

Regular lessons are there to teach you some concepts and code. And projects make you analyze “real life” situations to see how you would translate them into code (which is a very valuable skill to have, if you ask me).
They do have less guidance, though. If I’m feeling stuck on a project and decide to check the hint, all it will give me is a piece of code with no proper explanation :woman_shrugging:

And yeah, I have been stuck on a project for TOO much time, many times. But as long as I’m able to re-focus and re-read my code from a different perspective, I’ll get through it. I almost never have trouble with coding knowledge needed for a project; what will make my brain sweat is adapting that knowledge to the situation I’m working on

My point is, I don’t think projects mean to teach us any new coding stuff. Instead, I see them as a way of exercising our brain muscle to translate real life problems to code.

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