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How about Laravel? :slight_smile:


I still really want C++ I mean it is soo useful and soo cool!


Many of us, really just want to learn some Node.js


Let's not forget ES6 (ES2016?).

Add the coruse c++

We are indeed many! Add Express.js to that! :wink:


Hi, i´m very interested in VBA


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I'm interested in the Django course. I think it will be a great addition to Codecademy!


You guys should teach lua.


I think you should includle Go or Golang in the list because is a very trending language


C++ is a language that is not only the most popular here, but I personally would like to learn. Especially in Codecademy's environment.


I'd love to see interactive courses on scripting in shell languages. There's the Command Line course, but that doesn't really get into the scripting potential of sed or awk. Powershell is also coming into a larger demand and can be used to write some great automation scripts.I know they don't necessarily count as programming languages, but I've seen some pretty complicated things you can do with them.


There are lots of people out there playing around with Arduino boards and for them a C or C++ course would be really helpful.


I wonder if this could be an optional part of the HTML/CSS course?


I would like to see drawing and animation JS which I believe is better for beginners. It's on Khan Academy and I got introduced into coding by that.


A course on VueJS would be great. I think it's almost as popular as React now, and easier for beginners.

Also, flexbox would be a good addition to the CSS course. It's a lot nicer to use than display:inline-block or floats, etc




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