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Delphi Delphi Delphi Delphi


I vote for C#. .net very popular in my area.


please C++ and complete with Qt and graphics


Could we learn Heroku?


Swift would be awesome, it was made to replace Objective C, and it is really fun to learn if you have previous programming experience. It is a really flexible and safe language, and it takes many of the best parts of different languages like Objective C, Java Script, and many other, and combines those parts into one language.

If there are people who want to get a job at Apple or learn a language for fun, then Swift is a really good choice.


Codecademy actually released a course recently called Deploy a Website, and they say that they are coming out with web developer skill soon. Codecademy also has this course poll to ask people what language they would like to have next.


I would like to see a path that takes a beginner from step 1 through a finished repair website. A database of customers, POS, ticketing, customer interface, equipment tracking, etc. All the parts needed to make this happen along with the courses and interactive training.

Trying to piece this together has been a challenge to say the least. I know it would be a big undertaking, but several parts need to come together and there is no reliable source that says "ok, start with this, then onto this".

Thank You


Plz We need Lua language in Codecademy !!


I don't really see the long term need for Swift IOS development or the APP (IOS/Android) seeing as now you can create apps in web code such as javascript, angularJS, php, etc and use things like PhoneGap, Appcelerator (which is what I use), or a number of other options to tap into pretty much anything an IOS or android appd can tap into (for the most part) including push notifications. And everyday the amount of things you can access grows. Plus you write one code and then wrap it in native wrappers based on the devices OS and you can deploy your app across IOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, any mobile device pretty much. I see the progression towards this type of app design blowing up so fast because its cheaper than designing multiple apps for multiple OS'. To write apps specific to the device just seems so 2010. But this is purely my opinion as wrong as some people might see it. :smirk:


c++ is a language i want to learn because Ive found out (the hard way) that c++ is much faster that java (the language im using at the moment). Also i want codecademy to teach "fundamentals of building 3d games" with a good langauge like java or c++ which shows you the entire way through building a simple spinning 3d cube


Elixir is a cool language that'd fit pretty well with the other languages on codecademy, and it has ruby-like syntax.


EXCEL VBA - i want dis one!


I would like to see a course on jquery ajax!
So that we can create a simple website quickly and purely with jquery (no need to use a bigger framework like angular when we just need to make a few calls to an web service).
thanks, keep it up :slight_smile: !


I was wondering about nodeJS.
I don't really know anything about it and the only free course I could find is horrible.
So, maybe add nodeJS?


It would be awesome if there was a scala course. I hear that it is jsut an all out better tool than other programming languages and id like to try something like that.


I would like to see Powershell


ReactJS, AngularJS, C#, C++ would be terrific


You're in luck with that one


thanks @albionsrefuge, I should have specified 3.0, as that is the latest release.


i would like to see an advamced java course!!