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another javascript framework like reactjs





Is your favourite number 20 by any chance? :wink:


haha I had to have 20 characters typed to post, and didn't know what else to say :joy:


At the rate this is going, I imagine Codecademy just might have a Python 3.x course come out after Python 4.x is developed.
At the very least, the Python course currently taught on Codecademy should be labeled as 2.x.


Here's a primer:


Please add MEAN stack,I mean Node.js particularly because MONGODB concepts will be covered with the database course you offer and Angular.js is a course you are offering.This stack would be useful to most of the geeks on CODECADEMy who want to pursue career as a FULL-STACK developer.


PANDAS and GEOPANDAS! Codecademy's python resources are excellent, and have helped me learn a lot. However, they seem focused on web programming, to the exclusion of data science. I use python mainly for data science, and with the great new(ish) tools emerging in the python world (pandas library, etc), a course on this would be great, and would convince me to keep my pro subscription for a lot longer. It would be great to see some stuff that helped you learn open source tools too, like Jupyter (iPython notebooks).


Also, GEOJSON, and other geospatial oriented languages, libraries, etc.


Will there ever be any certifications available from the pro package?


Doubtful. CC is a primer.


A lesson or two on CSS3 Animations would be pretty cool.


I need C and Mathlab.


As seen in a couple previous posts some test automation courses in the popular languages eg Selenium for Java or C# would be awesome. Since it is also often a gateway for testers to become programmers, it'll be good to have something like that.


May I please request an introduction to Clojure:


Thank you for this great resource!


React.js is in the list for coming out in the near future (matter of a few months)

Guys it's best to stay subscribed to Codecademy emails so you get informed on new courses ect..

Go to your Account - check your email settings


I second for mvc


Delphi Delphi Delphi Delphi


I vote for C#. .net very popular in my area.


please C++ and complete with Qt and graphics