Course Poll


Are you interested in a course you’re not seeing on with Codecademy? Vote in the poll below. Don’t see your course suggestion in the poll options? Please comment and tell us about it. We read all course requests and factor them in as we decide what to build next!

  • Advanced content for languages, frameworks, or subjects we already teach (vote on which here)
  • C++
  • C#
  • Express.js
  • Go
  • Java, for Android app development
  • JSON
  • Lua
  • MongoDB
  • Node.js
  • Powershell
  • Python 3.x
  • Python Django
  • Scala
  • Swift, for building iOS apps
  • VBA

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I’ve added a few of the course suggestions mentioned in the comments of the previous poll into this one, however to add them all (particularly the least popular options from the old poll) would result in a much longer list, therefore if the course you’d like to requested still isn’t present in this updated poll, feel free to comment about it below.

Bring C++ free course
C++ on codecademy
Learning Lua?
Rails + Ember.js or Angular.js
Is there a lesson for learning C++


I gave my vote for C#, but I would like to see courses about ES6 and Vue.js.


I voted for C#, but I would like to see a course about C.


Why not add Rust

Rust would be a very good language to teach on this site.


I really would love to see a course about C language :slight_smile:


Also, what about Brain****? That's a language too!


I would like to see C and C++. The Ardunio runs off of those languages. I bought a Arduino to hopefully finally learn a programming language. Still trying to get the basics down, but I thought it would be a very interactive way to get into programming. (I've probably tried to learn at least 5 different languages and get burnt out on the basics, even on codecademy)


I voted for C# , but Node.js and JSON are also nice to have in skills.


I would like to see one about bash, bash scripting, less, sed...


I think it is more important to master one or few related languages/topics really good rather than learning a bit of this and that of every topic there is. Thus I voted for more advanced topics.

I already know a bit html, css, js, jQuery, sql, c, c++, python, c#, Java, ...and the list goes on... ... but none of the languages are properly taught from start to finish with one big picture in mind. None of the courses I've taken so far get to a really useful difficulty level. Only the basics are covered and just when it starts to get interesting, the course is over. :slight_smile:

Now it's time to put all the pieces together from a few languages and learn to build something challenging and useful.


Agree, I initially voted for JSON because knowledge of it is so useful, same as Node. These aren't huge language tracks and could conceivably be done similarly to the Command Line and Deploy a Website courses.

What the fine people at Codecademy need to answer is do they want to be our #1 source for a skill set (improving and adding to existing courses) or do they want to be a good entry level for ALL languages (what would happen if they started to devote themselves to covering C++, C#, F#, Clojure, etc.)

I would prefer the former, that we learn some JS, HTML, and CSS. Then learn to use Git and CL. Then work towards writing server based web apps and so on. It would be AWESOME if there was a track for each new yearly-ES update. Beyond that, you almost expect to have to pay for 'advanced' type instruction.


PowerShell would be a very valuable course!


You guys are doing great job.i definitely love your simple user interface.but i would love to see c and c++ included in your website


I'm about to embark on self-teaching ES6... and I'm scared, so hey, maybe an ES6 course? :slight_smile:


I’d like to learn cryptography. Can that possibly be an added course?


R. Is widely use in the scientific community. Is an interpreted and functional language.


I would like to see some web scraping with node.js.


I’d like to see functional programming with Haskell!

This was requested before here: [Suggesstion] Haskell Course


i would really want to do a in depth course of binary coding just like they have java because i like knowing that in depth stuff i dont care if it is a public course or a private course i would like to do binary. i wouldd like to see it free for all people because it is the base coding of everything.