Course not working (Unable to connect to Codecademy)


I was trying to continue with the Java course but it wouldnt let me, it said 'Unable to connect to Codecademy'. I created a new account but the issue persist. Same happens with JavaScript, but some other courses seem to work.

Whats going on?


Sounds like a bug with your computer...

Try a different browser, or restart the computer.


Im at work, i thought maybe the admins blocked Codecademy but that would be weird. Besides, why would some courses work and others wont? I already tried restarting and using IE and Firefox.

I will try at home and see what happens.



If not, you can try and report the bug. :slight_smile:


the same problem with course Learn JavaScript, got stuck in 2 Control flow-5/8 else if statements.It says 'Unable to connect to Codecademy' and shows the icon "Code Editor" instead of code area. I use google chrome browser


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