[Course] Machine Learning not free?

I started the course for machine learning a few days back and i’m at 50%. Now i am trying to finish it but the platform suggests i need a pro account. I still see at least 2 more lessons that are not marked as pro, so i should be able to finish those.

Got any idea what is going on ? Other courses seem to be working fine.

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Turns out the course has been made completely pro as of today or i had been given a pro trial without me knowing about it.

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Hi @biirra. I hope to be able to clarify for you. All newly created Codecademy accounts are automatically placed in a 7-day Pro trial. At the end of that trial, you have the option to continue without a subscription or, continue with other tools available to you with an upgrade.

While accessing more of the machine learning content you were working through does require an account upgrade or taking part in the Machine Learning Intensive course, I checked in with a member of our curriculum development team to find some more lessons that we hope you’ll find useful, relevant and accessible right now: https://www.codecademy.com/catalog/subject/data-science

Let me know what you think of the above resource. If you have more feedback for the team, please feel free to DM me and I’ll be happy to share it with the right people.

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Hello @alyssavigil,

You said all newly created accounts. My account has been in existence for years tho (you can see my way old badges as proof). Are you guys sure you got the settings right for that ?

I guess it can’t be helped tho.

Thanks for the tip but it doesn’t seem to fit me. I use Codecadamy when i need to learn the basic context of a language and most free courses help great with that. Al tho it doesn’t go as fast as reading docs, it does stay in your head better.
I started Machine Learning because it is an interesting new subject. But since its not the basics i could probably find it somewhere else.

Thanks anyway and keep up the good work.

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