Course duration

When I look for a course, I can see the estimation duration of the course as “4 weeks” or “20 hours” to complete the course. However, after I am enrolled or hit the “Get Started” button, I am not able to see the course duration anymore. If I look for the course again, it will show that it is in progress and I can’t get this info.

How or where can I find the course duration after I started it???

Course duration is an estimation that someone came up with when designing the courses. It is just that: an estimation.

Everyone progresses at their own pace, so, that number will change…depending on a variety of variables.

Yes I know but after starting the course where can I check that information again? This is my question.

I’m guessing if you log out and look at the catalog, you’d be able to see that info.


It might help. Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

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