Course Down?


I'm on the first exercise, and the Python course is not loading. #python:python-syntax
It just shows the buffer icon overlaid on the practice area.
I was successful in working on Java, SQL and Javascript - so I know it's not my internet connection or browser.

Please advise if this course is down!


can you try again? maybe it is back online, i don't have any problems with it


I still have the same issue. OS X - Safari or FF.


okay, i will look into it. On another computer it won't load it?

i tried several computers, they all work fine, the problem seems to be with your computer/network/firewall


I'm using Safari as well... What OS version are you running? That shouldn't have anything to do with it, but I think it must be what stetim94 said... Sorry to hear it won't load. What about when you click on links to the lessons?

Does this load? ^^


Hi All,

That page does not load and continues to buffer as well.
I think if it was the firewall, I wouldn't be able to access other content on this website.
I have completed the SQL course (yesterday), and Javascript course on this machine.

OS Sierra - 10.12
Safari - 10
Firefox - 49.2


Just asking... Isn't chrome avaible for you? :no_mouth:


Yes, however I'm not a fan of their privacy policy. Between Safari and Firefox it should work.


Okay, well you're right, it should work. You're OS is completely updated so it's not your computer. This sounds dumb, but how do you check your safari version? I don't know why this is happening. It's really only you who has this problem so it has to be on your end I think... :unamused: This is frustrating for you though, I'm sure.


Go to Safari > About Safari

I think I found the issue. Its your web certificate it's throwing exceptions in the console.

Something to note too, the Java course has no issues in loading. And the Java course has no codex resource listed in network resources.


Okay, so it's just with python... And you're computer is completely updated. I wish I knew more. I really can't help past this because you probably know more about it than me, but good luck, and hopefully somebody can help you fix the problem.


Thanks for looking into this.
Does help desk mean you work for CodeAcademy? Or just help in the forums as a volunteer?
Because if you work for CodeAcademy, perhaps you can escalate the issue upwards?


It's about it, how many accepted solutions you have got.

1 solution = Apprentice
10 solutions = Bronze
50 solutions = Silver
100 solutions = Gold
500 solutions = Gold(500)

I will get bronze soon.


I don't haha, it's just a badge you get after so many people say that your answers are correct. Moderators are probably your best bet, which I can invite with the invite button, (I'll do that), but I'll see what I can do. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your help! I'm trying to brush up on Python for a new job. :slight_smile:


It's written as CodeCademy, by the way :wink:


That is so awesome!!! Good luck with that! How about trying other websites that do python until you get some help with this?
are a couple.
This post:

shows a whole list of additional websites :slight_smile:


I warmly, WARMLY recommend SoloLearn, too. It maybe isn't as good as Codecademy, but it offers alot of languages with interactive lessons. I'm currently learning there C++.


Hey, thanks for that! I don't have any other websites to learn code, and I've finished most of the stuff on codeCademy besides stuff like HTML that I'm waiting on learning. I'm looking to learn C++ or C# or objective C or really anything lol. :slight_smile:


Take C++... Just take it