Course design/layout change?

tldr: I want some sort of custom script or extension to make the in-course learning screen look better and more usable (to me).

So, I initially joined the site a long time ago - few years, I think - but I didn’t really get into it at the time. I decided to finally come back and get into it again.

The site looks rather different right from the log-in, but that’s no surprise - I was fully expecting some changes after being gone for so long, and it still looks usable enough even though I’m not crazy about the ‘modern’ mobile-ish style.

What I wasn’t expecting was absolutely awful the learning screen looks to me. Why is it so dark and eye-straining with no option for a light theme? Why can’t I change the width of the panels myself, instead of only being able to swap between default and full view for each panel? For that matter, why don’t the instructions have a full view like the other two do?

I know some people may prefer a dark and mobile-like layout, but I really don’t. In fact, I would go so far as to say I hate the design in-course. I don’t think I can tolerate it enough to use it, and this site seems to be severely lacking in customization options.

So, what I want to know is, has anyone made any sort of customization or extension I can use to make the site usable for me again? If not, I suppose I’ll just have to go looking for alternatives and tutorials for code stuff instead of using codecademy.

Hey @chibininja, first—welcome back! It’s cool that learning to code is something that you’re still interested in, even years later. I do also want to thank you for the feedback. I’ve sent it off to our design team to consider. If someone has an action that can help you, they will respond here. :slight_smile: