Course could benefit greatly from small changes


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I know this is a free course and I'm not expecting the best of the best but I don't understand why the answer is literally written in every single instruction prompt. I'm already 25% done and it has almost all been just copy and paste from the instructions. Example: for the intro to switch cases, instead of saying "write literally any of these variables we've listed and you'll be correct", you could say "write the variable that prints out message X." For all previous exercises, you could say "make sure it prints out false" instead of "type literally anything and just make sure to include the new symbols we brought up and you're good to go". 

Coding is entirely about problem solving and I don't think the course is doing newbies to programming any favors by spoon feeding them the answers without much thought required. They need to be learning to solve these relatively basic problems right off the bat or they're going to have  a lot of problems in future exercises that actually require them to write their own code.
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Codecademy, to me, is less about problem solving and more about simply learning the syntax.
Of course, people might learn about SOME problem solving as they go, but not much.

It isn’t something I agree with, but hey.

It’s called codecademy, but it didn’t teach me to think. Thinking is essential in coding.

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