Course certificates

Hey there. I am 82 percent through the web developer career path. I have a couple of certificates showing on my account, but they are for small modules i did at the start.

It doesn’t show any for any of the modules in the web developer path i don’t think.

I wondered if, when i complete the path, will the certificates be added to my account? It has been allot of work to complete this course and would like something to show for it on my CV.


Hello @jamesmcconnon2465666, as far as I know, you should get a certificate for completing the Web Dev path, however, I’m not sure about the credibility of the certificates (as in, I don’t know whether they improve one’s CV). A good way to show what you’ve done is to put your projects that you’ve done on GitHub, as this allows employees to actually see what you can do.

I don’t mind about credibility but i would like it to show that i have had to complete allot of modules to complete. Will just have to see what happens.

You’ll get some additional certificates, on top of the overall “Web Development” Path one.

However, each of the modules in the path is not a course in its own right, so you won’t get 15 certificates for completing the 14 sections of the path.

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