County Population JSON File

Need some help. A while back I found and downloaded a JSON file that listed all the counties in the US, their FIP code and their population. And now, I cannot find it. Anybody know where I can find this downloadable JSON file?

Hi and welcome to the forums! I found this, is this the data you are looking for?

is it Census data?

Thank you, yes, this is the .json file I was looking for. Now I need to find the original downloadable source for this json file.

I presume it’s county-level data from the NYT:

Though, these are csv files

Looking for the source for downloadable json file with county population, County FIP & State FIP.

Did you see this? It’s not JSON, but one can copy and make a csv file.

Or, the Census. Again, not a JSON file…but still usable b/c you can convert an Excel file to JSON.