Counting inside a variable ... String versus list

Working on the Variable Access page in the Python 3 Functions tutorial at the link

But I am getting tangled in something basic … My Incorrect answer produces a TypeError. What’s wrong with my list? I don’t get why my code is wrong. The Correct solution is a string.

My Incorrect answer (why can’t I use a list?) …
favorite_locations = [“Paris”, “Norway”, “Iceland"]
print("Your favorite locations are: " + favorite_locations)
TypeError: must be str, not list

The Correct solution (why a string?) …
favorite_locations = “Paris, Norway, Iceland”
print("Your favorite locations are: " + favorite_locations)

FYI, The output should be …
Your favorite locations are: Paris, Norway, Iceland

I know I have many layers of confusion going on here and need help sorting out my process of thinking.

favorite_locations is a list [of strings], not a string.
You can make that list into a string by using .join