Counting individual letters in a list

Is there a way to .count certain letters within a word in a list?
for instance:

names = [“Harold”, “Adam”, “Jessica”]

it prints 0. Why doesn’t it count the a’s? How would I get a program to count individual letters in a word from part of a list?

for a look at my code please use this link. ignore everything that has been commented out.

It would be necessary to iterate over the list, then check each word, one at a time.

print ([x.count('a') for x in names])

The above will print a list of values, being the count in each word.

print (sum([x.count('a') for x in names]))

The above will print the total of all ‘a’'s in the list.

We appreciate your posting the link, but your should know we cannot see your code, only our own. Please post your raw code in reply if you would like it checked over.