Count() in list

What if I want to count a item which start with a character in a list?

Hello @konojames5808740993. You could use regular expressions, or you could loop through the list, append any item that starts with a certain character to a new list, then count the number of items in that list:

org_list = ["abc", "abd", "ad", "da"]#The original list
#counting items that start with "a"
new_lst = []#defines the new list with which to append the items
def count_items():#defines the function
  for i in org_list:#loops through the original list
     if i[0] == "a":#checks to see if the first character of the item i in
#the original list matches the character you want
        new_lst.append(i)#if the above is the case, it appends that item to
#the new_lst
  return len(new_lst)#this returns the length of the new list-the same as
#counting how many items there are in a list beginning with a certain character

I hope this helps!