Couldn't start a new topic

Do you mean you can’t post in there?

Is that supposed to happen, Alex?

@jibblyj #Codecademy-Community-Lounge should be open to everyone.

No everyone should be able to create new topics over there, has anyone else said they can’t ?

No, that’s why I asked. It’s weird.

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Yes that is precisely what I mean. When I select that area there is the description and nothing more.

Could you try making a new test topic in Community Lounge and then do the same in Corner bar for me?

If you can’t delete it then flag it and I will delete for you.

If you can’t create a topic in either one could you take screenshots?
Would be a great help thanks :slight_smile:

You know what I have seriously gotten my lines crossed on this one and I am going to apologize in the main thread. Here is exactly why I made the mistake. When I would select the Community Lounge all I would see was the description. There is no bug.


Ahaha no worries :slight_smile: No need to apologize either!