Could you give me some feedback?

Hey guys,

As written in the title I would like to have some feedback. Reason is, that somebody on discord told me, I would do so many things wrong, that I should completely change the way I am learning webdevolpment (he recommended me to stop building websites from scratch but watching pro developers coding and to copy their code). Now, maybe he’s right and I should do this. But I have no idea if that’s the case.
So I would really appreciate if you tell me your opinion :slight_smile:

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Hey @chris.g!

Learning by actually doing (in your case by creating websites) is by far one of the best ways of learning imo, just keep doing what you’re doing!

Like learning any real language or a music instrument the best (and really only) way to get better over time is by practicing! And in regards to where you were told to copy other developers, while there’s nothing wrong with taking inspiration, copying code is something I would strongly suggest not doing, as you often wouldn’t learn as well by copying code as opposed to writing it yourself.

In regards to the site, well done! :clap: It looks great, I really like the design you’ve picked out for it! :smile:. There’s just one or two (very minor!) things I would note:

  • The left edge of these headers can be a little hard to read on the black background (maintaining high contrast is important for accessability):
  • This is me being very picky, but there’s a little bit of extra whitespace and some empty <style> tags at the bottom of index.html:

Overall it looks awesome, great job! :tada:


It’s beautiful!!

The only things I would change is to make sure your cursor changes when you hover over your links to other sites, and I would also get a writer to help you out with readability and professionalism.

Otherwise, nah man, it looks amazing. I love the dark theme in general. It sucks you in


Hey Lyall, thank you so much for your feedback! I know that we also have be able to handle negative criticism from time to time but yesterday I was asking myself: Am I the one who has a completely wrong perception of my coding skills (and about how to learn coding) - or maybe the other guy…

Also thanks for your concrete advice: Both things I fully understand!

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For you the same: Thank you so much!

Concerning the links: You are completely right, furthermore I have to make them to “real” links, at the moment, there’s anything linked :wink:

No problem, glad I could help!

You are of course absolutely right, being able to take on constructive feedback and work on it is super important.

That said, I remember seeing that particular message you received on Discord and (in my opinion) it wasn’t hugely constructive so I wouldn’t worry too much about it, definitely don’t let it demotivate you at all, you’re doing great! :smile:


No problem! Yeah, I like to just put href=’#’ as a place holder