Could there be free courses for high school or younger students

I’m a year 7 in high school and it is insanely hard to find resources for beginners on the internet. School doesn’t offer courses for younger years and our education is broken. I went to our school’s coding club and everybody was playing games, including the teacher and I was the only student who was serious about learning. I’m sure many others feel that way so PLEASE think about making courses free for younger students. I’m sure that I will get lots of sarcastic replies but this is worth a shot.

Codecademy rolled out a new discounted student PRO subscription program just a few days ago. It is available for post-secondary students.

For high school students, I believe free PRO memberships can be provided through your school if your school uses clever.

Check out Codecademy’s new Student Centre for more.


i dont think my school uses clever sadly

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Is the clever thing only for the U.S?

Yes, I believe Clever is only for American schools.

Well, that’s a disappointment. I’m in Western Australia

Yes, unfortunately, schools need to sign up using Clever for their students to gain free PRO access. Once you go into post-secondary you will be eligible for the discounted PRO student subscription.

In the meantime, Codecademy offers several free courses that I recommend you take a look at. Here is the entire course catalog.

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I recommend you CodeSpark Academy (5-9; iOS/Android/Kindle Fire/Windows)