Could somebody hepl me pezl


I am on lesson 3/10 this is the link:[ -l?/action = lesson_resume ]( -l?/action = lesson_resume )
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and I am wondering what should i type
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What did you try? If you don’t know what to do I’d recommend going back to the beginning and reading all of the descriptions.

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Hey @carzccoder are you still on the Manipulation lessons?
Also you can totally remove the template in a post so it doesnt clutter your message or questions in the forum!

Here is a screenshot of your question

You can remove all the text so the logic of your questions are easier to understand and respond to :wink:

Side note:
If you have more questions in the future, it’s good to know how to format your code in the post so that it’s easier for others to offer their help. You can refer how to format code here.

For the right advice or code review, share the lesson name, the webpage link, the step you are struggling on, also the code you tried and sometimes the error message that pops up. :thinking:
All of this information is really helpful for you to mull over and it introduces us to the problem so we can point you in the right direction in a quickly :handshake: :tada:

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