Could not restore workspace message


I have big troubles with resetting exercises. When I try to reset any exercise, the interface says that it cannot do it. It returns always the same message „could not restore workspace.“ It takes about three days now.

It is independent of a specific course. I started Sass bud could not continue because of this problem. So I started Command Line. But it is the same.

I tried to clear browser cache, but it did not help. Is there some other way how to fix it?


Try Firefox or Google Chrome which I use and have never had any problems! :slight_smile:

That did not help. I am using Chrome all the time. I tried Firefox. It was the same. But thanks a lot.

Hi, i was having the same issue, and i just clear all my cookies and cache, works fine…

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Well, I switched to instead of codeacademy :slight_smile: I works really good for me.