Could not find any customer support email

The Contact Us only opens a chatbot but it does not give me an email where I can send my questions. The guides on the help section mentioned to send an email for support, but does not say what is the email. Does anybody knows the codecademy email for customer support?
I the forum I found this email [email protected], but everytime I try to send an email, it returns me an error

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there’s a link to a form here:

which leads you here:


I hadn’t seen that link, thanks for the quick response.

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I had the same problem, was sending emails to [email protected] and [email protected] to ask to customize the invoice of the Pro Membership, but I haven’t received any answer for 5 days. I hope they will answer via this “hidden” form.

it’s not hidden. it’s pretty clear:

CC Help> Fix a Problem>CS Hours of Availability>Contact Us

There’s also a “report bugs” link in every lesson. those are then logged and put in a queue (and get fixed according to level of urgency, I’m sure).

I can’t speak for turnaround time for CS at Skillsoft; that’s on them. complaining here isn’t really effective. we’re all just learners too.