Could I take HTML/PHP


Could I take HTML or PHP just for codecademy stuff? The forums aren't very active and sometimes I have to lay for hours for the next Python topic. :sweat_smile: As a matter of fact I'm not that interested about web developing, but alot of people wait for answers to HTML and PHP topics while a second part of peoples waits for somebody to post a Python topic.
What could make sense to do?


Well first off, it is all up to you what you want to do. Honestly, just do whichever you feel like would be most fun, beneficial, or cool to have under your belt. However, if you are doing it just to help others, while that is a good motive, you might not get much out of coding language other than just helping people. I understand that you are not really interested in it so that might not be a problem. However, if you spend a lot of time on a language learning it, practicing it, and perfecting it...well, you might regret spending all that time on it later on when you could have been learning something else. However, even if you don't pursue the language anymore, you still will get tangible things out of it to help you in the rest of your coding life.

Second, if you do decide to take one of those courses, I believe PHP is rarer in learner and in the learned while HTML is much more common. Also, I believe HTML is shorter in course length and easier to learn. I completed the new HTML course in just a few days to my surprise. So if you strictly went for helping people while HTML would have a lot of topics to choose from PHP is the one with the least amount of knowledge people about it. Plus with whichever one you choose, there will still be plenty of moderators or help deskers that will be around to help if things get rough in the beginning. Also something to keep in mind is that right now HTML is pretty bugged. A lot of the questions in HTML are due to lessons not passing the code because they ain't on google, don't have right zoom, etc. PHP is much more "worked out" because it has been around for a while.


I think that I honestly hardly see people post PHP topics, and Python is the most common problem course. However, I really don't recommend learning courses for the purpose of helping people. Especially on these forums. The questions are repetitive and the only time you'll gain anything from helping is when more advanced people ask for help understanding a concept that's typically nonrelated to CodeCademy. I would stick to what you want to do. Additionally, I think that PHP and HYML are great languages to learn, but if you're not interested in it, please don't attempt to take them. I'm kind of like you whereas I have little to no interest in web development right now. Especially not in HTML/CSS. I'm taking PHP and I did SQL, but other than that, all of my languages I program in are OOP like Java, JS, Python, Ruby, etc. What I do want to say though is that PHP is very easy to pick up if you've taken Python because you've already learned most of it.
If you're interested in becoming a programmer or software developer, I would say yes take them, because there is a high demand for programmers, and the more you know, the better off you'll be. However, I still stand by my point to make sure that you're practicing CODING more than answering simple questions which codeCademy has moderators to do. I understand that you're probably interested in becoming a moderator, as many of us are, so I would say it's great to help in the forum, but make sure that you're spending most of your time learning especially at the point that you're at, still starting off it seems. You have the aptitude for programming, now make sure that you enhance that and build up your skills without becoming complacent.

@bibleman13, very well said. :slight_smile:


now that was not something I knew about PHP was that it was so similar to Python so maybe that answers your question @papusalaatti. I will now have to put PHP on my radar after I finish learning Python. For only having been coding since May my list of stuff I want to learn is getting longer with my free time getting shorter xD Also, I agree with everything @kyleaw said and I think it is great advice even for those who might be trying to learn code just to do it rather than actually enjoying the learning process.


For sure, the learning process is hard, but it's so important that you do it because you love it.
Additionally with PHP, I'm 45% through, but it's literally only been learning how to print, (echo), learning if/else statements, and loops. It looks very different, but It's similar to OOP.
The other things on your profile like Command Line and Ruby... Ruby takes a LONG time. I did it in about 8 days, but I literally was spending so much time on it. With Command line, I did it in a couple hours, so that's one you can knock out SO EASILY. I don't know if you have a Mac or Windows computer, but I have a Mac and the Command Line is so helpful because I love to run stuff using terminal. Right now, I only know how to use terminal with python and Java, but it's great.
EDIT: Python takes FOREVER to finish, but you'll get through it! How far are you?


Not far enough lol. Getting to about the half way point. I put off python because A.) thought the new course was coming out a lot sooner. B.) I have been trying to finish Javascript (90%) and I 100% the HTML/CSS Part 1 course for work. Yes, command line is really useful. My boss uses command line for everything lol. Not sure if that was directed to me but I actually work primarly on PC and Linux (gosh I can never spell that right) but I occasionally will on Mac. I know on Linux it is super useful and I plan to learn it eventually but would like to get my bases covered in coding. (To me they be Javascript Java Python HTML/CSS sortof the basics of all worlds. Doubt that covers everything but for me it covers everything I ever dreamed of learning.) Ruby is not on my radar at all right now and still not exactly sure what it is but I will probably learn it someday. Because my overall goal is to learn everything of course xD #nevergonnastoplearning


Yeah, you have a great outlook on it!! JavaScript was fun, and so was Python, but it was so hard. I got through it, but it took me literally like 6 months because I stopped for 4 in the middle, lol. Java is SO GOOD to know. My computer science class only uses Java, and I want to punch myself in the face, but it's a super strong program. I haven't even touched HTML...


Well considering I completed HTML/CSS in three days over like 6 hours maybe? its not that hard to pick up. Now to actually build the website....ehhh lol In fact, I found it quite logical especially CSS. Yeah tell me about the length in these courses. So good for learning the code throughly, but doing it all in a month? no way lol All I got left on Javascript is Objects II and the Cash Register but even just Objects II is daunting haha. Python will take probably a similiar amount of time if I had to guess but Java was my first love in coding. In fact, Java was the reason I came over to Codecademy. I think Java is under appreciated and under learned at least in my sphere. It is so good and so strong that I am amazed it is not more learned or atleast show up in the forums more often. Java will be my secret weapon once I finish the last section on it xD


Mmm so it sounds like taking PHP would be a good idea? I think that I need some HTML experience to learn it.


I think that you should take PHP, but you don't need HTML to learn it. He hasn't taken PHP. That's one that I'm taking now, but I haven't done HTML at all, so you definitely don't need to learn HTML or use CSS. :slight_smile:


Pretty sure the PHP course is SEVERELY broken, so be careful with that.


I didn't realize it was... Thanks for letting me know though, haven't had problems yet but I'm only halfway through. :slight_smile: I'd much rather know than be surprised though so thanks.