Could Codecademy offer lower level languages?

I have been thinking about this for a while, and now I decided to create a topic about it.

As a place for the newbie programmers, Codecademy is absolutely the best place to learn high- level laguages like Python, Ruby, Java and stuff, but what after it?
Giving the groundings to the lower level languages like C and C++ could help alot of new programmers that don’t have any other programming experience than Codecademy to continue their learning in the academy.

Thank you, tell me some opinions about this if you can.


Could codecademy offer lower level languages? In theory yes, in theory we could teach every existing programming language.

Problem: it takes time to write and maintain courses.

And currently existing courses are getting an updated, so i don’t expect new language courses for quit a while. We do however have this forum topic:

which contains a list of valuable resource for learning languages codecademy doesn’t teach.


That’s right, I think too that the team Codecademy’s hands are already filled by work with the new courses, too.
But I was thinking just to send the idea away from my brain, because of learning the lower level programming is very hard outside the Codecademy and I hope that the developers even think about it. I hope that it helps somebody that I took the bull by the horns.

Thanks for the good reply by the way, I had a look at the other academies and find SoloLearn, thanks for all of this, stetim.


yes, but if you keep coding, learning new languages becomes easier. But yea, in particular in the beginning it is nice to have interactive lessons.

But at certain point you will have to sort of switch to non interactive lessons, where you just have to make the assignment, and submit it. This will hugely improve your coding skills