Correlated Subqueries II


I'm currently working on Correlated Subqueries II. The exercise seems trivially simple, since the example given is so close to the solution, but I'm not having any luck getting it correct. I get a table without errors that looks like it fulfills all the requirements of the solution, but I get the error message

"Find the origin, flight id, and sequence number."

Code follows:

SELECT origin, id,
   FROM flights f
   WHERE <
   AND f.carrier=flights.carrier)+1
   AS flight_sequence_number
   FROM flights;

Am I missing something silly, or is this a bug?


We are accessing the origin column, not carrier.

AND f.origin=flights.origin) + 1


Ok, thanks. The problem statement only says to list by origin, not that the sequence numbers should be re-evaluated on a per-origin basis.


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