Correcting French Courses Please


It would really help if somebody could correct French courses. In fact there are a lot of mistakes about the spelling, the syntax or even missing word!

It’s really annoying because sometimes the course is really messed up because of the wrong choice of words or misspelling or syntax as i said and it’s difficult to understand clearly. And it’s not like it’s just a couple of time, it’s in A LOT of courses.
So if Code Academy’s team can take a look over this, it would be great.

Thanks in advance.

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Codecademy has advised us that they may be replacing some of the courseware in the old English language track but have not committed to the foreign language equivalents. As for the old tracks, as I understand it they no longer have the means to edit or repair them. We are dependent upon solutions and work arounds that others have posted in the forums. Wish I could offer more assurance.

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Thanks for the answer. :slight_smile:

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