Correct code, correct result Cannot move on


I am unable to open the discussion on the right but I think it's mine.
I've gotten "Oops" error even though the code and result is correct. Suggested that I make sure I have ";". I do. That is why the answer is correct. I cannot move on to the next lesson because of "Oops".I have repoeated this same lesson, correctly, 3 times. I'm still not permitted to continue because of "Oops".

        $items = 3;
        if($items > 5) {
          echo "You get a 10% discount!";
        else {
            echo"You get a 5% discount.";


where's the rest of your code ?

also you have a . at the end instead of a !

leave a space between echo and "

change the double quotes (") to single (') as it looks like cc checker is looking for single quotes not double


Did you get a fix to this as I am stuck in exactly the same spot for the same reasons.



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