Correct answers rejected?

I’m just wondering if this is a common thing? I’ll write correct code and it will get an error message. Sometimes I will test it by cutting my code, getting the solution, and pasting my answer right next to it so I can compare character by character, so I know it’s right. Is there some technical thing I can be doing to cause this? It happens only every once in while… maybe once a lesson or so.

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I don’t believe this should happen.
Are you absolutely certain there was no variation between the correct answer and yours?
Which course is this in, and could you post a link to one of the lessons that has this problem?

Sure as I can be, given comparing the solution code with mine, character by character. I have done that several times. On some occasions, I have caught a mistake, but others I have failed to. And when I paste the answer, it even takes up the exact same space as the others–do you know what I mean?

This has been an issue with my Codecademy learning for a couple of months, in a variety of courses that I’ve worked on. I used to file bug reports but it seemed to be so persistent that I gave up. I wonder if there’s something weird with my interface… just using standard Chrome so. Maybe it’s because I’m still on Windows 7, could that be it?

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If you are referring to indentation than yes I do.

It could be your older operating system, though I don’t think this would be the case.
You could check by logging in on a computer with a newer OS.

By this do you mean the latest updated version?

This seems like a bug report, would you like me to move this to bug-reporting? It should receive greater attention there.

Yes, up to date, hardly any extensions.

If you want to move it, that’s fine. I don’t have any specific information as far as lessons, etc. I was more interested in finding if other people in the community were experiencing this issue, or if it was just me.

If like you said you have reported this in the past, I will leave it here for now.
I don’t believe I have ever had this problem.

I’ll definitly be watching this topic now.


The next time it happens, the following would be very helpful:

  • a link to the exercise
  • a screenshot of the learning environment, so I can see where you were at, what your code looked like, and the error the LE raised to you,
  • a correctly formatted copy of the code you ran to try and re-create the problem. (See here if you’re unsure how to format code here on Discuss.)

That should let me try and recreate the problem. :slight_smile: