Correct answers already in


Hello all,

I am working on the exercises in the Conditionals & Control Flow, however every exercise (thus far) contains the correct answers in the (can simply hit run). I wanted to check if this is a) normal or b) if not normal, how to reset the exercises so the answers are blank.

I have searched the Forums and found a similar question for HTML, however the response made it seem like this happens randomly, not for every exercise.

Edit: I should mention, that I am simply deleting the answers, however it is getting cumbersome when comments/directions are in place.



Asking the same question again will not result in a different answer. The situation remains unchanged. Take what you can learn from the lesson and keep forging ahead.


Thanks for the response! I wasn’t sure if there was something with my browser that was breaking the Codecademy system (I previously found one of my browser plug-ins prevented me from accessing settings/my profile).


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