Correct answer is not accepted

In this section the instructions say:

1. Any time enriched_flour appears in the ingredients list, we’d like to replace it with just flour . Apply this transformation and also be sure to remove the underscore in enriched_flour .

The solution button gives this:

SELECT REPLACE(ingredients,'enriched_',' ') as item_ingredients
FROM baked_goods;

My (“WRONG”) solution is this:

SELECT REPLACE(ingredients,'enriched_flour','flour') as item_ingredients
FROM baked_goods;

I feel that my answer is more correct than the solution provided for the following reason.
If any other ingredient in that column contains "enriched_" that will also be replaced.
For example if there was something like "enriched_chocolate" it will be changed to " chocolate" while the instructions say only to replace enriched_flour.

I know it is redundant to replace flour too, but it would yield more accurate results if you don’t know what each and every ingredient in that list is.

Maybe I’m not understanding the question correctly? But that’s my take on it.


I stumbled upon the same issue. Did you figure out the solution or is this a bug?

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I did the same, and even when I put in the given “correct” solution from the Hint, it said my answer was incorrect.


ditto, must be a bug

Yes, I’m also seeing my code is incorrect, even after I match with the solution, reset the exercise, and go back to resubmit. I have submitted some feedback for previous lessons having this same apparent bug. Hopefully this gets fixed but it seems the problem has persisted since last year arrgghhhh!

The QA testing for this lesson seems to be nonexistent. I’m very disappointed especially after the mostly excellent ‘Learn SQL’ lesson.

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Indeed, I see the quality falls off a cliff edge once upgrading to Pro

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Good thing I haven’t upgraded yet. Guess I won’t be upgrading considering this is a known bug for almost a year now and it’s still not fixed…

Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention. I reported this as a bug.

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The problem now has been resolved. Thank you again for bringing this to our attention.