Corona Virus - Refund

I submitted a ticket but have not received a response. I was charged automatically for the annual subscription. While I know the refund policy, I feel like an exception should be made during this coronavirus. I am unemployed right now and cannot afford the subscription. I think Codecademy is great, but this virus is taking a hit on me.

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Hey there, and welcome to the forum!

There’s nothing we can do about billing issues or queries here on the forum, I’m afraid, but you’ve already done the right thing in submitting a ticket to Codecademy.

I appreciate that this might be a bit frustrating, but someone ought to get back to you about the ticket shortly - the Codecademy staff are usually pretty speedy, but please do allow a bit extra time for someone to respond given everything that’s currently going on with the coronavirus.

If you’ve not heard back from Codecademy in a day or so, please pop back and I’ll see if I can give someone a nudge about it. :slight_smile:


I agree with you as lots of people are unemployed worldwide. Codeacademy should make an exception.