Copying code off codecademy


I have tried getting my code off in every possible way I can think of. I am using Safari, I downloaded Chrome but that didn't work either. Control C/V does nothing.
Please help. :frowning:


Code in the editor is raw text, as far as I know. Which lesson are trying to copy?


The battleship one, lesson 13.
I thought it was raw text too originally.


I can select and copy text, so not able to reproduce the reported issue. Can you click in the editor area and see the cursor?


Yes, I can click in the editor area and see the cursor. I can type, but I can't copy/cut text inside and paste it elsewhere in the same editor or in another text editor.


What if you plot the cursor then Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C? That should copy the entire page to the clipboard which you should then be able to paste into your own text editor.


It's not copying the code. It selects all of it, but doesn't paste anything.


After you select all, can you right click and copy from the context menu?


Yes, it shows up in the context menu and when I right click to paste that's available also


That is strange. I'm having not trouble copying and pasting in that lesson (or any other). Can you copy from the lesson text?


I can copy/paste everything outside of the editor.


I can also copy/paste from the console (where the output is displayed)


Try a page refresh, or go to another page and navigate back to this one. I'm fresh out of ideas.


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