Copying and pasting contents of one table in one HTML page to another table in another HTML page


dear team mates,
pls help me in solving the problem i have quoted above.i have two similar html pages, one is having contents in table2. i want to copy contents to another table in different html page...but when i try to copy or paste the contents it gives me the error"The selection includes table cell boundaries. copying and deleting is not allowed are not allowed". becuase of this i have to write the data again in new html page table. pls help...pls pls


Press f12 to see the code of the page, then press right click and press "inspect element" or sth like that. That should take you to the part of the page's text where the table is written.
Doing this you can get any element in a page, as long as it wasn't created later.


hi santiczop, i am attaching the table1 and table2 to you. pls tell me how can i copy the contents of table1 to table2. there formats are different. other wise i have a lots of data which i will have to type again.....pls help.... tried to upload, but could not attach the html pages... if possible pls proivde the mail id... mine is


:sweat: Sorry, I don't know how to copy the content into another format... :frowning: If you want to create a code maybe sth like:

document.getElementById("aLineOfTheTable1").innerHTML = document.getElementById("theLineThatYouWantToBeOnTable1").innerHTML;

I'm sorry that I couldn't understand what you were trying to do