The copycat project I am sharing please give me feedback name is Candy I am a little behind in this so will submitting a bunch thanks for all the help!!!

import React from ‘react’;

import ReactDOM from ‘react-dom’;

import {CopyCat} from ‘…/componentc/CopyCat’;

import {styles} from ‘…/styles’;

const images = {

copycat: ‘’,

quietcat: ‘


export class CopyCat extends React.Component {

render() {

  const  {copying,toggletape,value,handlechange}=this.props}

return (

  < div style={styles.divStyle}>

    <h1 Style={{marginBottom:'80px'}}Copy Cat</h1>


    type = 'Text

    value = {value}

    onChange ={handleChange}




  src={coping ? images.copycat:images.quietCat}




  <p>copying && value</p>





CopyCat.proptypes = {

 copying: PropTypes.bool.isRequired,

 toggleTape: PropTypes.Func.isRequired,

 value: PropTypes.string.isRequired,

 handlechange: PropTypes.Func.isRequired


const copying = this.state.copying;

const toggleTape = this toggleTape;

const value = this.state.input;

const hanldeChange = this.handleCharge;


return (









ReactDOM.render(, document.getElementById(‘app’));

Hi I’m actually doing the same project, I’m almost done.
But from what I can see you have quite a few typo mistakes that might lead to your code not working.
If its not working you might want to fix these typing mistakes :

render method corrected

const copying = this.state.copying;

const toggleTape = this.toggleTape;

const value = this.state.input;

const handleChange = this.handleChange;

PropTypes :

CopyCat.propTypes = {
  copying: PropTypes.bool.isRequired;
  toggleTape: PropTypes.func.isRequired;
  value: PropTypes.string.isRequired;
  handleChange: PropTypes.func.isRequired;

And also in your CopyCat component there some more type mistakes :

const  {copying, toggleTape, value, handleChange} = this.props}

Also its not <Imput …

Just try to always check those type mistakes speacially in a React environment where we’re using cameCase.

Hope this helps.
Happy Coding !

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thank you for thoughts I really appreciate that and will check smile here

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I finished my project, I also had a few syntax errors here and there but after going through each line of code countless times, I got it right. So if you need any help do not hesitate !
We’re here to help each other.


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