CopyCat: Tracking Prevention Blocked an script

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Throughout this project I’ve been trying to get the ‘quietCat’ picture to display when I click on it(or the codeacademy browser should I say.), but it never shows or displays. So when I go to the ‘inspect’ option on the browser it shows that its being blocked from displaying. I’ve tried to disabled all my extensions, change browsers and it still the same. Is there a way That I could fix this? Any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

You say you’ve disabled your extensions and even tried another browser, so the usual troubleshooting techniques have been covered. Most of the time, messages like this in the console are related to ad blocking and/or privacy-related extensions that are manipulating what the browser displays or uses in the background. It’s still possible you have other software on your computer interfering. Many times these warnings can be ignored.

I turned on my ad-blocking extension and loaded up the project. While there were a couple extra warnings in the console, the project still worked fine. It’s possible that you not being able to get the picture to display has nothing to do with the warnings at all. You can post the code if you’d like another set of eyes on it.

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Oh okay I see. Well once I get home I will review the project again and make sure there arent any typos lurking around, even though none are showing right now. Thank you for the feedback. I will write a follow-up respond later on.

You were right 100%. There was actually a mini bug in my code. Even though the program was running smoothly it was hiding there lol. Thx for the feedback @selectall .

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