CopyCat step 10

hey everyone,
I am having a herd time figuring out where I went wrong on this step in the project. I can’t tell if I have not passed down something correctly or I made some sort of error somewhere else.
the question is:

Still working in CopyCat.js , add a <p> element after the <img> element in the JSX.

Inside of the <p></p> tags, write a conditional to check the value of copying and decide whether or not to display value here. If copying evaluates to true , value should show up. If copying evaluates to false , value should NOT show up.

When you’re done, save your code. Type into the text box and see if anything happens. Click on the cat to toggle whether or not it’s copying you!


Some quick observations that may help you retrace your steps and debug:

Currently, both your CopyCat and CopyCatContainer are keeping state of copying and have a toggleTape() method – only CopyCatContainer needs state or methods.

CopyCat should only have a render() method and doesn’t need a constructor. The bulk of it’s data comes from props.

You can go over the details of the previous steps with this in mind and hopefully it helps you debug.

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