Copycat project

In this project , browser in the left doesn’t display anything when I run code.I think, there is bug.I also tried running the code on my computer but I couldn’t. Can someone help me?

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I am having this same problem. I would also assume it is a bug.

Me too. At first I thought I wasn’t exporting/importing the file correctly but after I reset the code to the original it isn’t displayed as well

works fine with me
be sure to check you have everything correctly
a syntax error will cause it to faiil to render

hello guys Im also working on the same project…ok from what Ive seen if your code is broken at any level it wont display…it would help if you would post your code tho maybe we can all work together and see where the problem could be…

Actually theres nothing wrong with the code or project, try using export default module_name; instead of named export