Copycat project, can't type in input box and console shows propType errors

I’m almost done with the project Copycat, only thing is I am unable to type into the input box, and the console mentions that I have a failed propType. I’m not sure what I’m missing.

Sorry you haven’t received help with this sooner.

In future, please share the full error you receive, including the line referenced. The error should tell you where the code fails (which line).

One of the properties that is rendered in CopyCat has not been set in state of CopyCatContainer or passed down as props (yet CopyCat component tries to initialise it as a constant from props, and display it on screen).

Something is missing from CopyCatContainer.js

    this.state = { 
      copying: true,
      input: ''
    return (
      <CopyCat copying={copying} toggleTape={toggleTape} value={value} onChange={handleChange}/>

That you use in CopyCat.js

  render() {
    const copying = this.props.copying;
    const toggleTape = this.props.toggleTape;
    const name =;
    return (
      <div style={styles.divStyles}>
        <h1 style={{marginBottom: 40}}>Copy Cat  {name || "Tom"}</h1>