Copy / Paste on tablet?

Hello there, i noticed something when doing exercices on Tablet; it’s that it’s impossible to copy or paste something while we writting code. Maybe there’s a way to do it ? It makes the experience on those devices a bit less reactive (still works fine in general though)

Found this on YouTube… Maybe it will get you pointed in the right direction?

How to Copy and Paste on a Tablet

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one simple way is to attach a USB or Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to the tablet and use the mouse to mark the text you want to copy and paste then use the keyboard shortcuts CTRL + C and CTRL + V

right mouse click on android tablets will be equivalent to the back button.

one method is to plug in the device’s data cable to a 4 port USB hub and then connect the peripherals
or connect a wireless keyboard and mouse dongle to the hub if you don’t have an OTG adapter to plug the dongle into.

hope this helps.

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Thanks, you’re totally right! I didn’t think about that option and will definitly use it when coding on tablet :slight_smile:

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