Copy pasta list of course contents

Right now I am trying to help my brother learn to program. I decided to take an agile approach to his learning and am currently creating a trello board to track his progress and add some structure to all things programming.

I was hoping that there is a copy pasta list of each course outline that I can import into trello just so we can go over each item individual before he starts his daily tasks.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Here are the courses that will be in his lesson plan(he’s completed some but I want to use the list as a discussion so I would love to have those versions as well):
Learn CSS: Done
Introduction to JavaScript: Started
Make a Website
Deploy a Website
Learn Responsive Design
Learn Sass
Introduction to JQuery
Learn AngularJS 1.X
Learn ReactJS part I
Learn ReactJS part II
Learn SQL
Learn Command Line
Learn GIT

After this, we would do a sample project together that I will create using most of the above. Now myself I am a fullstack web developer and he really likes what I do so we will be sticking to that area. If you have any great suggestions I would be grateful :slight_smile: