Copy and try different ways

Sorry that this is vague as I am not sure what I want to do can be done on python.
If I have a system whereby I am trying to fill a grid but my current system can’t fully complete it
Is there a way I can save a copy of the system, try putting in one number and seeing if that works
then if it doesnt, go back to the original system and see if the other number does work

That is very vague. Given python has if/elif/else and try/except, this sounds possible on paper, but your details are vague

Recursion fits that behaviour

Make the change and call self, abort if it doesn’t work, undo, do next number

def search(system):
    if invalid:
        return None
    if finished:
        return system
    for nextnum in range(10):
        result = search(system)
        if result:
            return result
    return None

Note that pruning has to be very aggressive as otherwise this has exponential growth
And also it’ll hit recursion limit when it gets a few thousand steps deep, in which case you’d need a stack (like a regular list) to remember the numbers in the loops

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