Copy and paste not working in Google Chrome

Hi everyone. I have been trying to paste content into the python programming window in Code Academy (I’m doing the Data Scientist career pathway). The clipboard button at the bottom of the coding window lets me copy highlighted text, but there’s no way to paste. Right clicking brings up a load of options (e.g. “back”, or “view page source”), but there’s no “paste” option. What am I missing?

Hey, @dev1507129581 welcome to the forums.

The clipboard on the bottom of the LE copies all the code and isn’t meant for pasting text. I just looked and you cant right click and paste but you can still use CTRL+V to paste the code.

Thanks. can’t believe I didn’t think of that!!

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Can you click solved to avoid people from clicking on it when you already know the answer? :grinning:

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