CoolTshirts Marketing Attribution

Hi all, here is my project presentation for CodeFlix: Calculating Churn Rate. Here is the presentation , the sql file, and the grading rubric. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

CoolTShirts sells T-shirts. They are running digital marketing campaigns to increase site visits and purchases. Using touch attribution, I sought to map customer journeys from first visit to purchase. I will use this data to recommend 5 campaigns for re-investment.

CoolTShirts has 8 campaigns, 6 traffic sources, and 4 website pages. I calculated first and last touches for each campaign and also calulcated the last touches that drove purchases. Some campaigns function well for driving first time visits (first touch), some function well for driving return visits and purchases (last touch). Some function well for both, driving purchase conversion on the first visit.

After analyzing the data, the following campaigns are ripe for optimization and re-investment: ‘weekly-newsletter’, ‘retargetting-ad’, ‘getting-to-know-cool-tshirts’, ‘ten-crazy-cool-tshirts-facts’, and ‘interview-with-cool-tshirts-founder’.