CoolTShirts Attribution Queries Analyze Data with SQL - Alex Ricciardi

Hey everyone,
Just finished CoolTShirts Attribution Queries Analyze Data with SQL

CoolTShirts Attribution Queries Presentation - Alex Ricciardi


Hi Alex, great work on the project!
I was especially interested in checking your answer to question 6 because the walkthrough video had a slightly different numbers for the top 3 last-touch purchases to what I got. However I got the same answer as you, so I think the data from when they made that might be a little out of date.

For question 7 that’s a really thorough analysis and I like your thinking! I think in a real-world scenario that’s the level of detail the marketers would want to see to make their decision.
When I did it I just looked at the previous answers, without doing any extra analysis and actually came to the same conclusion about the 5 to choose as you.

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Thank you very much for your feedback. I think you’re right about the data probably being out of date and really appreciate your comments.

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