CoolTShirts - Attribution - First and last touch

I team posting this out to our community for a peer review. I’d love to hear your suggestions. I drafted it for a coding peer review audience.

Power Point presentation



Going through your presentation I noticed the following:

  • Your defintion of Utm_campaign is incorrect. Its not actually the data info attribution which make up a campaign. A campaign is different to a source in that the campaign is what the content constiutes of - It could be an interview, a newsletter or an advert. The source is where the campaign originated from. That could be via email, medium etc.

  • For the campaign budget, you missed the inclusion of campaigns which attract the user to the website in the first place. The campaigns you have outlined are good at converting users into purchasers but they are not good at attracting them in the first place. Its good to have a mixture of top first touch campaigns and last-touch campaigns.

Other than that, it looks like an amazing presentation! Well done.