Cool TShirts SQL Project

Here is my presentation for the Cool T-Shirts SQL project.

Accompanying SQL queries are here in a github repository for the project:

Feedback and constructive criticism is welcome.

Thank you!

Love your presentation. I am just beginning my SQL journey, so I guess I have more of a question to a piece of your code then a comment. I know that the course tells us to build a temporary ft_attr table with the join of the first_touch and page_views table. However, this piece of much shortened code below seems to come to the exact same result. What is the reason for the ft_attr table?

WITH first_touch as (
SELECT user_id,
MIN(timestamp) AS first_touch_at,
FROM page_visits
GROUP BY user_id
SELECT utm_campaign, count(*)
FROM first_touch

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hey, thanks for your reply. I will have a look at the queries again this afternoon and get back to you.

Yes, it appears you are correct. your query gives us the same first touch numbers without the ft_attr table.

It could be that the ft_attr table was part of the lesson for joining and alias practice.

One thing I have learned so far is that, in programming, there are many roads to the top of the mountain, so Iā€™m sure there are a few ways to write the queries to get the numbers we need.

Perhaps another voice can chime in to confirm, since I am somewhat of a beginner myself.

Thanks for checking it out! Much appreciated.

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