Cookcademy 9 Code Error

Hey Everyone,
I’m trying to work through Cookcademy 9: Tab Views and I’ve copied the code exactly from the lesson as well as downloaded the model code and attempted to copy and past the various files. I’m still getting an error that I can’t figure out.

In the RecipesListView.swift and RecipeCategoryGridView.swift, I keep getting an error that I’m “missing argument for parameter category in call”. I’ve checked the recipe model and I see the enum where category is defined, but the model code doesn’t address that issue. What the lesson recommends is below:


                            destination: RecipesListView(viewStyle: .singleCategory(category)),
                            label: {
                                CategoryView(category: category)

the “destination” is throwing the error.

in RecipesListView in the Previews section:

**struct** RecipesListView_Previews: PreviewProvider {

**static** **var** previews: **some** View {

NavigationView {

RecipesListView(viewStyle: .singleCategory(.breakfast))




the “.singleCateory(.breakfast))” is throwing the error.

Any thoughts?